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Available Dyed Polyster Yarn for Exports only


Service Differentiation

Our constant focus is on developing new products, new applications method and new territories.
Our adaptability to fast changing market forces, market pattern and market needs enables us to keep growing.

Over the years the company has grown by constantly believing in the importance of the customer. We aim to develop and maintain meaningful relationships with all our custmers, and constantly strive to satisfy the requirements of each and every one of our customers to the best of our ability. Without customer feedback about our performance we cannot improve our products and our services, and so we relay on you to maintain this two way flow of information.

In the absence of satisfied customers. Savvy Colors would not have grown so steadily over the years, and so it is you that we have to thank for this. We plan to maintain this growth rate into the future, and look forward to you being a very important part of this process.

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